Party registration applications ahead of the 2022 May Polls

The deadline for delivering nomination papers for all elections taking place on 5 May 2022 has now passed.

It is now not possible to grant any applications, register a new political party, amend a name for an existing party, amend or add an emblem, or to add a description for use on ballot papers at these elections.

You may still apply to register a new party, or amend the existing details of a registered party, ahead of a future poll. You can information about how to do so on our website.

Application to substitute or remove a description
If we decide to grant an application to substitute or remove a description, and that decision is taken between:

  • the date of publication of the notice of election (including that date); and
  • polling day
then the change will not take effect until the day following the poll.

Please note that the notice of election must be published before:
  • Monday 14 March 2022 for the Council elections in Scotland
  • Monday 28 March 2022 for the other elections taking place on 5 May 2022

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