Party registration applications ahead of the May 2024 Polls

If you would like to:

  • register a new political party;
  • amend a name for an existing party;
  • amend or add an emblem; or
  • add a description
to be included on ballot papers for the elections taking place on 02 May 2024, please ensure that your completed application is with us by 5pm, Friday 19 January 2024. We cannot guarantee that we will make a decision in time on applications submitted after this date for use on ballots papers at the elections. You can find more information about registering and maintaining your party on our website.

Changes to the law for new political parties

From 24 November 2022 a new legal requirement applies, meaning that if you register a new political party you need to make a declaration regarding the assets and liabilities held by the party you wish to register. If the total value of the party’s assets, or total amount of the party’s liabilities, are more than £500, you will also need to submit a record of assets and liabilities with your application to register the party. If the values are less you need to declare this, but no further information is required.

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Please note this application will time out after a period of inactivity of 20 minutes. You are advised to save regularly using the "Save" buttons provided. 

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The PEF Online system provides a secure environment for the registration of political parties and campaigners at elections and referendums and the submission of their statutory returns.

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